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Community Planning

Larsen provides advice in making infrastructure, community services, and land use management decisions. Plans are developed in a coordinated manner in an open forum, and reflect community values and priorities. Land use regulations are designed specifically to address local needs. Often, identified programs and projects need funding from sources other than taxes. Our community planning consultants identify appropriate sources of funding, often from non-traditional, innovative revenue sources, prepare grant applications and follow the implementation recommendations to their successful conclusions.

Larsen advocates an Action-Oriented, Problem-Solving Philosophy, commonly referred to as Strategic Planning. This method helps our clients make more intelligent decisions and to focus resources where they can have the greatest effect. Larsen’s commitment to “Smart Growth” Sustainable Principles can also stimulate economic development.

Contact Larsen about special cost-saving programs designed to make ongoing planning and assistance to planning boards affordable, even for small municipalities with few resources.

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