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Why The World’s Smartest People Are Opting For Green Buildings

People are going green.

No matter how much critics debate on whether the new found sensibility is a mere soon-to-fade trend or a long lasting episode that will affect the mechanics of the real world, the truism stands: people are going green, and increasingly so.

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Climate Smart Communities: What You Need to Know

In recent years, we’ve become more aware of how human activity can accelerate the rate of environmental degradation.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on enhancing environmental protection, the New York State government has announced a new partnership with local governments that will lead to a greener community. We’re, of course, talking about Climate Smart Communities – an innovative way to minimize the adverse affects of human activity on the environment.

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The Grim Reality of the World’s Water Wastage and Opportunity to Conserve and Recycle

On planet earth, water is life.

From the cells in our bodies that we need to function properly, to the crops in the fields that need it to survive, water plays a crucially important role in society and it’s impossible to imagine life without it.

However, despite being a truly priceless commodity, water is also the one resource that we waste the most. From old leaky water supply mains, taking long baths to ignoring leaky faucets and fixtures, communities waste an astonishingly high amount of water! What makes matters worse is that the vast majority of this wasted water can easily be recycled and conserved!

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What it means to go Green? – Infographic

Sustainable engineering explained in the form of an info-graph.

Image showing Infographic about consulting engineering service to state government agencies

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Working with Larsen Engineers – An Overvew of Our Services (Infographic)

This is an overview of Larsen Engineers services like structural engineering services, civil and environmental engineering. We also work on solar projects and wastewater treatment.

Infograph showing structural engineering services

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