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Net Zero Energy: Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Net Zero Energy is essentially the state when the energy produced by the use of on-site renewable Sustainable Site Planning consultants in a building. Or community is equal to the amount of energy that’s used.  It’s a concept that builds on the phenomena of energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy generation. It can be applied to homes, buildings, neighborhoods, states and even entire countries.

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Climate Smart Communities in New York: What You Need to Know

Climate change isn’t just a threat to the environment, but it’s also a problem affecting the wastewater treatment services economical and social spheres of our community. It’s a critical challenge that’s extremely difficult to confront and respond to.

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Using Solar Energy to fight climate change

How to utilize renewable energy project grants to fight climate change? Explained in an infographic below:

Image showing stormwater management services

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The Importance of Site Design and Development

Site design and development plays an instrumental role in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, which—as a result—can help fight climate change. More and more companies are inclined toward developing an environmental engineering service site plan to remain compliant with technical and regulatory laws implemented at both the municipal and state level.

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Solar Energy—At the Forefront of Fighting Climate Change

Solar panels are considered one of the most accessible, practical, and eco-friendly energy saving solutions choices. Replacing conventional sources of energy with solar panels on a large scale can potentially help combat global warming.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Waste Management

We understand the world of solid waste management is incredibly complicated. And even the slightest miscalculation can result insignificant environmental impacts. This is why we urge you to hire professionals in environmental engineering service that will help you managing waste efficiently.

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A Quick Guide to NY-Sun Program for NYS Businesses

Almost every state in the country offers some kind of support program to businesses for their solar energy projects. But if you run a business in New York State, consider yourself privileged and “especially” fortunate. For the state offers one of the best commercial solar-support programs in the country in the form of NY-Sun.

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Solar Energy – Infographic

How is solar energy the next big thing? And why you should make the shift towards it?

Explained in the infographic below:

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In the State of New York: Let’s Address Winter Solar Concerns!

As NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo pushes for energy independence at the municipality level, local smart communities are left asking a rather “obvious” question about both the short and long term prospects of these initiatives:

Is the Green New Deal even a viable plan, especially in the context of solar power, considering that we experience one of the harshest weathers in the country?

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The Green New Deal for New York: Reviewing the Solar Adoption Targets

With the effects of climate change and global warming becoming increasingly apparent, Democratic lawmakers in the United States are developing coordination plans to overcome it.  One example of this is the Green New Deal announced by the governor of New York, in response to pressure from activist groups.

New York alone releases a total of 52 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making it one of the most impactful cities in the entire country.  The Green New Deal calls for shifting financial and investment priorities from fossil fuels to renewable energy to reduce New York’s carbon footprint.

What Is The Deal Set To Achieve?

The Green New Deal is set to achieve a much bigger agenda than just counter the environmental crisis threatening the entire world. By substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy, the government plans to resolve unemployment and major political concerns in addition to global warming.

The plan is to power New York with renewable energy from wind, solar power and without any use of fossil fuels or nuclear power over coming decades. It intends to mobilize funds and communities to develop localized sources of renewable energy to decentralize the energy sector.

As they begin to implement the plan, the government hopes to reduce the amount of pollution by Green House Gases produced in New York State. It further hopes that the incentives provided to small-scale renewable energy producers; it will create employment and efficient methods of producing energy.

What Does This Imply For Energy Producers?

The cuts in tax burdens and access to capital sources will make it easier to invest in alternative energy production methods.  With these advantages, small energy producers have a unique business opportunity that’s never been seen in the United States. In light of this commitment, the governor of the state has approved $1.5 billion worth of financial awards to renewable energy producers.

It’ll help develop niches for solar energy by helping power/energy entrepreneurs with investments, infrastructure development and much more.

Steps Towards All Renewable Energy

To achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy production in New York, the following milestones have been set to mark the progress of the initiative:

  1. Increasing wind energy production by at least 4 times to a total of 9000 Megawatts by 2035.
  2. Increasing solar power production from 3000 Megawatts in 2023 to 6000 Megawatts in 2025.
  3. Creating energy storage facilities to store a total of 3000 Megawatts of energy.
  4. Creating $1.5 billion worth of projects to power 550,000 homes with renewable energy in New York.

Larsen Engineers is a municipal engineering firm that creates Green infrastructural solutions to create environmentally friendly Climate Smart Communities. The full range of services offered by the company includes developing sustainable design, environmental management and energy conservation solutions for the community. Get in touch with our offices in Rochester today for more information on our services or to work with us on your development projects.

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